• Refund to customer but original not sent back after 45 days.
  • Order returned with damage
  • Item damaged in Amazon warehouse
  • Item Lost in Amazon warehouse
  • Order returned with different FNSKU

FBA Auditor goes back 18-months from the day you sign up. Our system typically takes 5-7 working days to fetch all required records from your account and we will then commence with submitting cases manuallyto Amazon on your behalf.

Our service is 100% safe and we guarantee to stay within Amazon TOS when submitting cases to Amazon. All cases are opened and managed manually by a real person and no automation software is used.

When you register your FBAAuditor account you will also create a limited-access user account in Amazon Seller Central. This account will isolate the access that FBAAuditor has to your Seller account to items like reporting, case management, and reimbursements.

We charge 25% of whatever reimbursements we are able to recover for you. For example; If we were to generate £/€1000,00 in reimbursements on your account, our fee would be £/€250,00. If we don’t find anything, then there is no fee. Simple!

Yes. Our FBAAuditor servics is fully automated, which means we do everything from opening cases to monitoring for reimbursements. We’ll worry about the backend so you can worry about expanding your business.

Yes, FBA Auditor throttles the amount of cases it opens and also breaks cases into smaller reimbursement Pound/Euro value requests.

Our system is designed to monitor the amount of open support tickets and "drip feed" cases to Amazon Support.

This helps us in two ways:

  1. We want to avoid inundating amazon support with too many support requests for obvious reasons, but also, experience has taught us that if you submit multiple cases (over 4 at a time) for the same reason, (for example: damaged inventory), the cases tend to get lumped in together and escalated to a second tier support agent.

  2. This methodology of smaller case amount (under £/€300 at a time) maximizes the amount of reimbursements you will receive because the case can be handled by a first line agent without having to be escalated.

A large seller could take up to 90-Days receive all of their reimbursements.

FBA Auditor currently supports all five EU marketplaces, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and we now also cover the US and Canada too!

No. FBAAuditor needs the ability to open cases to recover reimbursements and suspended accounts are not allowed to submit cases.

If you open a case on your own without our Amazon FBA refunds tool or get reimbursed by Amazon for any other reason, we will not charge you a percentage of those reimbursements. We only take a fee for the reimbursements received as a result of our software.

Yes, to update the credit/debit card on file, login to your FBA Auditor dashboard and go to the settings menu on the left hand side. Click on User Settings, then on the following screen click Update Credit Card Details. Enter your valid card details and click Update.

You can reset your password here:

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If you have questions relating to any aspect of our service you can get in touch with us by emailing support@fbaauditor.com, or by simply using the LiveChat widget available on the front end of our website. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.